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Family life can be our source of greatest joy, and our greatest grief. Our journey growing up can be exceptionally challenging when your life has been impacted by traumaadoption and foster care, or you are neurodivergentor some combination of all three. These impacts on our life can leave us feeling misunderstood, alone, and "othered" by the people in our lives. We can even feel distant and confused within ourselves, left feeling broken, empty, and overwhelmed. It can feel like we're constantly in over our heads, trying to get ahead to a point in life when life is no longer always "hard."

Especially when you are parenting on this journey, whether you or someone in your family has been impacted by trauma, adoption and foster care, or is neurodivergent, this journey can feel like a full on hurricane. You're a CYCLE BREAKER, and this is the most beautiful work you can do for yourself and your family. But you don't have to walk this path alone...

Renewing Minds Therapy wants to walk alongside your journey, offering you a space to start feeling understood, seen, and safe. Through the lens of the Relational Neurosciences of Interpersonal Neurobiology, Attachment Theory, and Polyvagal Theory, RMT believes that every person is deserving of deep compassion, and desires to be a partner with you as you discover your deep well of innate worth and value as a human on this planet.


As ​your on this journey of wholeness, deepening the regulation in your family systems is a beautiful way to heal through the power of healthy relationships. The Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) is an evidence-based tool used to reset your nervous system to experience deeper levels of safety. Allowing other members of your family to experience the power of SSP is an effective way to bring transformation from the therapy session to your home environment. Through using relational neuroscience based in Polyvagal Theory, SSP can create more patience, compassion, and understanding between family members. RMT will discuss your specific family dynamic to determine if and how SSP can be an effective approach for members of your family to use. 



Relationships are a dance, full of give and take, back and forth. They require the steps of intimacy, communication, and compassion to feel like a fluid harmony. Without those steps alongside deep regulation, it can feel like you're walking through a corn maze, blindfolded, while doing the three-legged race. You either crash and burn trying, or give up entirely.  

RMT understands these struggles, and understands the great joy and delight that can happen when relationships are a safe and healing space! RMT is here to walk alongside your relational journey, especially when it's been impacted by trauma, adoption/foster care, or neurodivergence. RMT uses a mixture between hands on tools and strategies for the here and now, as well as incorporating attachment theory and relational neuroscience to invite deep healing within the romantic relationship. Through the dance of tools and attachment, RMT is here to help you take off the blindfold, untie the ropes around your legs, and dance freely through the maze of life!

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