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What is Relational Therapy?

Relational Therapy, or Relationship-based Therapy, is therapy services using strategies and tools from relational neurosciences. The therapy process is rooted in the relationship between the client and the world around them, including nature, animals, people, even the therapist. The therapist will support the client to feel safe in their relational world using somatic, or mind-body interventions. These interventions will open up the client's brain and nervous system so the client can take in more peace, healthy relationships, compassion, and safety. This increase of safety within the client will help resolve symptoms like anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, racing thoughts, triggers, cycles of unhealthy relationships, and more.


Why would I start therapy services with Renewing Minds Therapy?

If you are a parent and needing your own support with your child or spouse has been impacted by trauma, adoption/foster care, or is neurodivergent, RMT is ready to give you the support to process your own experiences as you're supporting your loved ones. OR, if you are struggling with dealing with trauma symptoms (which is WAY more than PTSD, like anxiety, depression, etc.), managing relationships in your life, understanding yourself as a neurodivergent person, dealing with trauma and struggles of going through adoption and/or foster care, RMT can meet you right where you're at to help move you through those symptoms.

What will my first session be like?

During your first session, RMT will use that time for the initial assessment, learning more about what brings you into therapy, your current symptoms, history, and goals for therapy. You get to ask questions about RMT's process, different types of treatment strategies, and work together with RMT to determine your treatment goals and starting point for therapy. This process may take 1 to 3 sessions.

What will sessions look like ongoing?

Each session is 55 minutes. The first few minutes of the session will be reviewing your starting point for therapy, including quickly discussing sleep patterns, any updates to supplements/medications, progress on incorporating treatment strategies (which will always be a time for encouragement for you!), and what feels most important to start with for the session. Some clients prefer predictable, routine sessions with each meeting having the same layout. Some clients prefer for each session to be unique, focusing on whatever is most important in the moment. Both are effective! The choice is entirely up to you and processing that choice with RMT will be helpful to determine what is the best fit for your time together.

What parenting strategies do you recommend?

RMT practices and recommends parenting strategies rooted in relational neuroscience. Many common terms used are, "Gentle Parenting," "Conscious Parenting," "Respectful Parenting," etc. The basis of these parenting strategies are connections WITH boundaries. There are SO many wonderful content creators and parent coaches putting great information on social media, but here are a few of RMT's favorite:


Do you have any personal experience with trauma, neurodivergence, and adoption/foster care?

Great question! I do have personal experience with processing my own history of complex trauma and identify as a neurodivergent woman. I am not, however, personally connected to the adoption triad. I do have many years of second hand experiences with the adoption triad personally and professionally that have drawn my heart and compassion for those impacted by this system. If you're looking for a therapist in the adoptive triad, Beyond Words Psychological Services has a wonderful adoptee therapist list and other great resources that are invaluable on your adoption journey.

Does RMT offer free consultations?

Yes! Reach out to RMT via email to set up a time to for a free 15 minute consultation to see if RMT's relational therapy services is a good fit for you!

How do I schedule a session with RMT?

Same process as the consultation! Reach out to RMT via email and we'll do our best to accommodate your schedule to get you started as quickly as we can!

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