Welcome Courageous One!

​My name is Jessie Lynn Giese, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). In over 10+ years of clinical experience, I have walked with many clients over an extensive scope of needs ranging from: home-based support for children with special needs, caring for family units with mental health concerns, disabilities, and trauma, to clinically managing a safe house for survivors of sex-trafficking.


As I have been invited to experience their transformative process, I have realized that early childhood and developmental experiences widely impact someone’s outlook on life. I saw this influence their thought patterns, their emotional regulation, the way their body responded to different situations; even their ability to form healthy and supportive relationships with others.


As I received more training on trauma and its impact on the brain and body, discovering the way trauma can affect someone in their mind, body, and sense of self --or heart -- I began to understand that trauma is more than a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). What I’ve come to know is that trauma is any impactful experience that your mind, body, and heart receives as hurtful, painful, wounding and distressing. Even if we don’t recognize these experiences as trauma, our bodies do. When we encounter situations that remind us of these initial impactful events, they trigger a part of us to go right back to that place in our minds, body, and heart. We then make choices that kept us safe in that time period, but are no longer helpful in our current situation. So often we don’t realize that this process is happening that we believe these responses are just who we are.


The good news is, these choices are able to be changed! Through renewing the mind, healing the body, transforming our heart, we can restore the mind-body-heart connection. We will journey together to heal these impactful, traumatic situations so you can be set free to do what you were originally created to do. And what you were created to do is something wonderful, unique, and loving to yourself and others!


I want you to know that I have been on this journey as well! My life has taken many twists and turns, which is why I fully believe in this renewing therapy process. I love being in a place of self-discovery and open curiosity to learn more about who I have been created to be. I am always excited to learn new things. In my quiet time, I love keeping my mind engaged through reading and going to the library. Some of my favorite books include: The Body Keeps The Score, Out Of The Silent Planet, Lord Of The Rings Trilogy, Jane Austen’s books, and The Hunger Games Trilogy. I also deeply enjoy keeping my body active through walking, yoga, dancing (for fun!), and spending time with my husband and children. I love making my own home products and exploring more ways to live more naturally. You will often see me with either a strong cup of coffee or a soothing cup of tea to help keep my body moving and my heart at peace.

My professional background and qualifications is listed as follows:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Northern Illinois University

  • Masters of Social Work from Aurora University, with emphasis on clinical and community concentrations

  • Post-graduate degree in Applied Behavior Analysis from Florida Institute of Technology

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) in Illinois

  • Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA)

  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Trained Level 1 and 2 (EMDR certification in process)

  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) 12-Month Online Circle Training

  • Theraplay, Trained Level 1

  • BCBA 8 Hour-Supervision Training

  • LCSW Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision Training

Whether you’re looking for a therapist for yourself or another, I hope this glimpse into my life and my passion is encouraging and welcoming to you! Renewing of the mind is a process and I’d be honored to be chosen to help you in yours!


- Jessie Lynn Giese