RMT takes a client-centered, individualized approach to supporting her clients using a holistic care approach. RMT uses a trauma-informed approach to approaching challenging concerns of each client.

  • The initial session is the intake and assessment, allowing the client to tell their story while beginning to discuss their goals for treatment.

  • Next, RMT will put together an individualized treatment plan, consisting of the clients goals with RMT's recommendations. This plan is reviewed together with the client and adjusted based on client feedback.

  • The treatment plan is reviewed and updated every few months to ensure that services are moving towards the client’s desired outcomes and quality of life.


Adult Sessions 

As the client moves through the healing process through individual sessions, multiple types of sessions may be utilized to wrap around the client and build up their relationships and support systems. This wraparound process may include family therapy to heal and create healthy boundaries, as well as home sessions to support the client building new habits from a position of healing. 

Children and Adolescent Sessions

Sessions with children and adolescents will include various levels of caregiver support and involvement. As client confidentiality is be maintained, family therapy and parent coaching sessions will be incorporated as it supports the client’s best interest and relates to their individual goals.