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Therapy groups at Renewing Minds Therapy are more than for talking and learning. Our groups are focusing on EXPERIENCING the deep healing power of secure relationships. Using the lens of relational neuroscience, groups are centered around a theme as Jessie leads participants to experience the strategies and tools they are learning.

Prepare to feel validated, seen, heard, and the innate worth and value you already have inside of you.

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Relationship-Based Parenting: I AM ENOUGH


If you are wondering how to stop the cycles of trying a new parenting strategy, feeling like you've messed up, beating yourself up over it, feeling guilt or shame, then even more discouraged as you try all over again? Phew, just writing that is exhausting, and at RMT, we know how that cycle goes! With the group, "I AM ENOUGH," you will get to learn and experience what it means to use relationships as the healing power in your family. That every tool and strategy is based around you simply being authentic, showing up just as you are with deep compassion towards yourself.

You don't like talking? GREAT! This group is for you to experience the secure relationships through listening and simply "being."

You like talking? GREAT! Bring your stories to share then receive support by allowing others to "see you" in those reflections.

Every group involves a time for learning then a time for experiencing. Handouts are provided as to avoid feeling like you need to take notes so you can show up in the moment, however you need to do that best.

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