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RMT understands that every family unit is unique, and sometimes, these relationships that are important can also be challenging. Family therapy is a wonderful opportunity to work towards healthy boundaries, clear communication issues, and resolve family conflicts. Family dynamics can change and provide many challenges for all members, so issues and conflicts will gently be addressed while directly approaching the concerns in a supportive manner for every member of the family involved in therapy. Working together with members of your family can deepen your connections, heal attachment wounds, and provide support for one’s individual healing process.


Family therapy will look different for every family. It can include all members of the family system, or only those willing and interested in participating. Participating families can look like, but not limited to, a nuclear family, blended family, divorced families with their children, foster and/or adopted children and their family, parent and child relationships, etc.

Family therapy is client-centered, goal-oriented process.

  • The initial session is the intake and assessment, allowing the family to tell their story while beginning to discuss their goals for treatment.

  • Next, RMT will put together an individualized treatment plan for the family unit, consisting of the family’s goals with RMT's recommendations. This plan is reviewed together with the family and adjusted based on their feedback.

  • The treatment plan is reviewed and updated every few months to ensure that services are moving towards the family’s desired outcomes and quality of life.


Parenting support and coaching is also offered in addition to family therapy. RMT uses a mixture of positive psychology, Theraplay, and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with a trauma-informed approach to support parents to set healthy limits and boundaries, develop strong communication skills with their children, provide a supportive environment for the child(ren)’s social/emotional development, and resolve any behavioral concerns that are occurring with the parents. Parent coaching can be a separate service, or part of the family therapy process.

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